Dear My Life and Me…

Ça fait longtemps depuis la derniere fois qu’on s’est vu.

How is everyone doing? Now, i could start by saying how positively awful i feel for not posting in 9 days but that’s not good content and i very much doubt that any of you want to listen to me moaning. Again, this is just a weird blog post with no set theme but i thought i should post atleast something as there’s pretty much been  tumbleweeds rolling across my post section for a while now. I really have no idea what i’m going to talk about so lets just go with the flow.

So, this is my current setting:


Laptop is open and i’m writing this of course. My cat has accompanied me as he does every weekend. I’m starting to wonder whether he does it because he actually likes me or whether he just likes the fluffy purple blanket? I guess we’ll never know but i do have some idea(fluffy blanket). I am also currently drinking honey & camomile tea as i think i’m developing a sore throat(help) and also just because it’s calming. It tastes quite nice as well. Anyone who has a cat knows they do that annoying thing with their paws and dig their claws into you. They think it’s cute but on the receiving end, all it does is hurt and that’s what he’s doing right now.

A question i’ve been asking myself for a while is; ‘Should i reveal my identiy on here?’  What’s the worst that could happen? Well, people from school could find my blog and read all the rubbish i’ve posted but i doubt that would happen. I just thought that if i told who i was and showed who i was then that would open gateways to more blog post ideas: outfits of the day, makeup tutorials( don’t know why i listed that, i can’t do makeup), or i could just generally include photos of myself in my blog. I’m not really that confident about doing it but if you think it’s a good idea please let me know!

Lets talk about school…

Everybody cheer- another exciting topic. I thought i’d mention i’ve got my GCSE art exam next week. The sobs and the crying will probably appear on Monday when i realise it’s too close to forget about it but for now it’s going to the back of my mind. Lets just say, i’m not particularly looking forward to it. Everyone in my class is so good and then there’s me that gets critisism because i ‘can’t do tone’ or it’s ‘not accurate’. Basically, it’s just 10 hours of stress. I would like to say that that is the only stressful thing in school right now but everywhere stress is flying about: from every lesson there are surprise tests and mountains of homework and then they expect you to revise on top of that. Ahhhh.

I don’t quite know what else to say, so here’s a farewell from me. I really don’t have a clue what to post and i’m a bit lost so please, comment down below anything you really want to see or general ideas! I am going out to somewhere pretty exciting today( well exciting for me), so i’ll take lots of photos and you know what that means- photography blog post. Sorry to any of you who don’t like these. So i may post it tomorrow or today, you’ll never know(ooh the suspense). Anyway… as always: like, comment and follow. Thank you for reading my weird ramble of  a blog post and i shall see you very soon.

Au revoir. 





11 thoughts on “Dear My Life and Me…

  1. If you feel comfortable showing yourself to us then you should, the chance that your school friends will find your blog is about 1 in 1000000 or something 🙂 I had this dilemma at one point too but I decided to show my face, it it certainly a lot easier! Hope to get more posts from you soon and good luck with your art exam, I have exams next week too! Xxx

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  2. Do whatever you feel comfortable with. This is a beautiful blog, so no-one worth your while will say anything negative about it. If they do say something negative, it’s just because they are jealous of your beautiful blog. My blog is if you wanted to visit, I suffer from anxiety too, but we will get through this dark period and will be so grateful. I am really grateful for this beautiful blog, it has made my day #BlogGoals !

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