Outfit(s) of the weekend

Okay so this is probably a reaaally boring blog for a lot of people but:

  1. I don’t know what to blog about.
  2. I don’t really have much time due to revision.
  3. I really needed to blog because it’s nearly been two weeks since i haven’t aaand i miss it like crazy.

So, i don’t quite know how this is going to work or turn out but lets hope for the best and please don’t judge me-i am no zoella( that’d be fun though).


Well, this was my outfit of the Saturday and yes, hello to me. Let me just say I am preetty obsessed with striped shirts/tops at the moment and i love it. Come on guys, you’ve got to admit, they are great? This top is more of an autumnal colour and believe it or not, i bought it in the autumn time. I purchased it from Primark and it was pretty cheap, like £4 or something like that. I called into my Primark the other day and they had gotten rid of the huge stand full of stripy tops. Like why would you do that? Stupid seasons. Stripes should be all year round.

My jeans(believe it or not) are also from Primark. Seen as though i have super long legs, most jeans don’t fit me because of my length but Primark do the trick. So i basically live in these jeans as they fit perfectly and are super comfy.

Onto the second outfit…


The top is a mixture of two as you can see: the long sleeved top underneath is a thermal thing that i got as i am always freezing and turning purple isn’t a good look. It’s really softs and there’s a pattern trending that i love long sleeved tops. The vest over the top is from hollister that i got quite a few years ago but didn’t really wear as it didn’t fit me right but now i’ve grown it’s better- I actually love this top so i’m really glad i’ve found it again.

The jeans… Yep, be ashamed. They’re the same jeans. What can i say? I did mention that i basically lived in them and here we are.

The shoes which i love are from Topshop. I think they were like £20 but i got them in the sale. They’re quite comfy but give me blisters after a while of me wearing them which is horrible.

Well i hoped you enjoyed and look, you got to see me-well not really my face. What a pretty sight.


But, long time no see. How are you all? Little bit about me and things that have happened lately. I have discovered Panic! at the disco. Well when i say ‘discovered’, i already knew them but never really listened. But, let me just say, how amazing are they? I kind of get obsessed with things way too fast and lets just say, i’m going to see them in may at a festival( well that escalated quickly). Also, school is becoming stressful and i don’t like it one bit, help. Apart from that, nothing much has happened.

As always: Like, comment and follow. Nearly 60 followers and nearly 3000 views on my blog. How crazy is that? Thanks for reading and i’ll see you soon.

A hui hou.


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