Did you miss me?

I’m back.

Sorry for the lack of farewell nearly 3 months ago but i didn’t really know i was going to leave, it just happened. Anyway, i’m back now and ready to kick-start the whole blogging lifestyle again.

Where have i been?

In previous blog posts, i mentioned that i had GCSEs coming up and that is exactly what i’ve been doing-revising and then sitting exams. 21 to be exact. It wasn’t too stressful. Only the days when i had two science exams i was like “ahh stress”, but apart from that i wasn’t too stressed.

Also, what follows GCSEs? Leaving school. I didn’t cry-much. I only cried with laughter after my physics teacher decided to do a Fresh Prince science rap or ‘spitting some bars’ as he liked to call it. I’ll leave that to your imagination but it was hilarious. Lots of photos were taken, shirts were signed and skin on numerous occasions and then we left. Well, we left until we had to come back next week to do the rest of our exams. Onto the subject of whether i think i did well. I think/hope so. I revised, tried hard and all that jazz so i hope it pays off.

What’s been happening lately?

This is basically the same question as above but anyway.

Well, i went to see Panic! At The Disco at a festival as i mentioned in a previous post. Lets just say they were bloody brilliant. Brendon Urie lost his shirt after what seemed like 5 minutes and the atmosphere was great. We may have nearly got squashed and crushed by drunk crowd surfers but that’s all part of the slightly terrifying fun. My friends and i have bought tickets to go see them in November so bring on round 2- just minus the crushing and scary crowd surfers.


Onto another little nugget that has maybe, slightly taken over my life a little bit. That would be BBC Sherlock and everything surrounding it. If my friends are reading this i know they are rolling their eyes; “she’s included it in her blog. Of course she has.”  Well, a shoutout to you guys. You love me really. Anyway, back to the wonderful world of Sherlock. If you’ve watched it, you know what i’m getting at and if you haven’t, what are you doing? Go. Go! Basically, it’s a modern adaptation of the original Arthur Conan Doyle stories and it’s brilliant. Yeah, i’ve become slightly obsessed with the show and with the actors and i probably shouldn’t have been watching it whilst i should have been revising for GCSEs. There’s a new season out in January(help) but yeah, i’m going to stop now because i could go on for years. Oh and by the way, if you do watch Sherlock and spotted the title reference, then well done and ten points to you.

Nothing else that exciting has really happened lately apart from i’ve got about 3 months off school to try and occupy myself so many films will be watched. Oh, also another little mention; Once Upon a Time. Another series i watched in the middle of my GCSEs. I’m sure loads of you know it and love it like i. Let me know who your favourite character(s) are. I have a little feud going on with a friend; I love Rumpelstiltskin but she hates him. Help me out here and tell me what you think. Also, Hook. Isn’t he the cutest person ever? He’s probably my favourite.

Anyway, i’m just rambling now so i’m going to scoot. I don’t really like this post but i thought i’d give you an update after so long. If you’re all still here after what seems like a lifetime of a break, i salute you and i’m looking forward to reading your comments. Please feel free to leave film recommendations and tell me what you think to Sherlock and Once Upon a Time. 

Thanks for reading and as always: like, comment and follow. Until next time.

See you later, folks.


15 thoughts on “Did you miss me?

      1. But if I had to pick a favorite main character I’d go Regina because although she goes soft, she still can be a savage. What season are you on?


  1. YAY you’re back! If you must know, I actually DID miss you :).
    OMG you went to a Panic! At The Disco concert?!?! WHAAAATTT I’m so jealous right now! Sounds like you had a great time though :D.


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