Trying to draw…

Bonjour everyone.

A couple of weeks back, i thought i’d try to draw some faces or facial features. It was my first attempt and seen as though i enjoyed it, i thought i’d share it with all of you.

Personally, i think they’re okay to say i’ve never actually taken the time or effort to draw faces. Of course, they can be improved, as can anything, but i’m quite proud. Anyway enough rambling, i’ll just show you.

13493296_1063936237025802_1780333864_o (1)13493577_1063936180359141_1562673781_o


Well, i was going to tell you who those two faces were supposed to be but i thought it would be much more interesting for you to guess in the comments. Plus, it will test the accuracy of my drawings and whether you’ll actually guess correct.

These next sketches are mostly eyes as they’re the only thing i can draw reasonably well. Some of the eyes belong to some celebrities too, so feel free to guess.


Well, i hope you enjoyed looking through my sketches as much as i enjoyed doing them. As always; like, comment and follow. Don’t forget to comment your guess of who i was trying to draw.

Bon voyage.


16 thoughts on “Trying to draw…

  1. Benedict Cumberbatch’s face and Glen Power’s eyes (?)

    I have to how good your works are! I can’t really draw faces so people could guess. That only happens when I take my time and spend a couple of hours on it. I’m proud of you x


  2. The facial expression on the second one has Moriarty written all over it in neon lights. Can’t remember the actors name


  3. Wow, you’re really good! One of the faces, I think, is Benedict Cumberbatch (no I did NOT look at the comments above, I actually knew- surprisingly, because I know like NO actors… :P).


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