Bolton Abbey


I visited this lovely abbey yesterday and then went for a 6 mile walk around the abbey and the river that followed it. The weather was typically English but it did brighten up a bit in parts.

As always, i have lots of photos to share with you as i can’t visit anywhere without taking heaps of photographs so here you go:


It’s a bit of a short blog post but i have a few ideas for some longer blog posts coming up. Seen as quite a lot of you commented that you loved Panic! At The Disco, i was thinking of doing a blog post about how the concert was and of course, include lots of photos, so let me know whether you would like that or not. Also, i want to do another Q&A so please comment any questions or queries you have about me or other things.

As always; like, comment and follow. Don’t forget to comment your questions and i shall see you next time.

Au revoir. x



5 thoughts on “Bolton Abbey

  1. questions;
    favorite book? why?
    favorite song and why?
    fav food?
    do you enjoy cooking? an why?
    have you ever had proper photography classes? because you are absolutely brilliant!
    some tips on photography

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  2. -A person that inspired/inspires you? (doesn’t have to be anyone famous of course)
    -If one wish of yours – NO MATTER WHAT – could come true, which would you choose?
    -If you could be an actor in any series, where would you be part of and which role would you choose?

    Have fun answering these – in my opinion not-so-easy – questions 🙂


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